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Repair-vs-Replace_Content-Mock-up.pngWhen your HVAC system is down, deciding whether to repair or replace can be difficult. You might feel like you need a crystal ball to tell you how much longer your old unit might last and which choice will ultimately be better for your wallet. The truth is, you only need to consider the right facts. This guide lays out exactly what information you need to make an HVAC repair or replace decision. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What types of repair issues are worth fixing
  • When to replace your HVAC system
  • Why your unit’s refrigerant may be an important factor
  • How age & condition impact into your decision
  • How to calculate potential energy savings
  • The soft costs you’re probably not considering

Also, you’re probably wondering if you can trust your service provider’s advice. We’ll tell you how to figure that out, too.

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