What exactly is an ELITE residence?

Manhattan apartments with a total value of more than $4–5 million, with “ultra-luxury” apartments being valued above $10 million. Some examples:

  • 740 Park Avenue
  • 1 West 72nd Street (The Dakota)
  • 15 Central Park West
  • 432 Park Avenue
  • 157 West 57th Street (One57)
  • 111 West 57th Street (Steinway Tower)
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Why Choose Arista for your ELITE residential needs?

  • We take extreme care in working around high-end finishes and furnishings.
  • We know Manhattan luxury buildings and their staff, helping us get to you fast.
  • We’re the experts in the latest, high-end HVAC technology.
  • An exclusively trained and dedicated service team.
  • Expert technicians who know your space, your equipment and can solve problems quickly and reliably.